Apple unveils the fourth generation of her watch

Through the tell us your detects iPhone new for 2018, Apple also launched the fourth generation of her watch which is smart watch best-selling in the world, where it got a complete redesign.

I always provide hours Apple The size of a 38 or 42 mm, but with the new generation, come in at sizes of 40, 42 or 44 mm with the screen without parties, which means an increase by more than 30% in the size of the screen compared to the previous generation with a design seems more modern and thinner, despite the larger size, as we find the OLED screen usual and continue to design the box market, where Apple states that this design fits the smart watch more, despite the fact that many people are still demanding smart watch circular shape, they possess a more attractive look.

However, keep the design the same, will not change the appearance of the side button of my authority, but it will become editable, as it will be the user with the vibration of light when you touch it.

Added also several improvements on the interface, with the possibility to customize the screen to the main interface to add several hours of travel, for example, information games, sports, or even sports information from the Home screen.

Also added Apple TV processor S4 new factory to double the performance and smoothly, and the system Watch OS 5, In addition to the ability to sense the fall of the level of the previous thanks to an improved sensor, and gyroscope, and in the case of a fall and the inability to move for some time, enjoy the previous call automatically or parents for help, which was tested on thousands of people.

With the increase of sound level by 50% and move the microphone to the back, it will be easier to hear this call even when falling.

Know previous also notices if the heart rate is low from the natural, or in the case of the heartbeat, which may indicate several diseases may not know about the user, there is also a sensor that electronically allows the work to draw the heart an electric for the first time in the world across a product that does not need a license, special medical.

As for battery life, it will suffice to use the whole day without any problem thanks to the new processor and operating system updated.

This was announced Apple TV to the new arena will work with the bracelet, the Old, the price will be $ 399 for the proportion of GPS with the equivalent of 1,500 riyals, 499 $ for a working chip connections, equivalent to 1,870 SAR, has also been reducing the price hours Apple TV 3 to $ 279 for the equivalent of 1,050 rials.

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