Apple urgently needs to release something new. But what?

Innovation – care is not a hindrance. Apple like no other proves this theory, yet manages to combine both qualities at once. On the one hand, in Cupertino have always been able to impress the users out of reach for other performance of its products and developed new technologies deliberately slowly, so carefully working through the details that many during the waiting time to give the impression that the company just passed its position. Approximately about it now and think, but not because she is in no hurry to develop 5G technology – the majority of users, as polls show, are willing to suffer – and long-term absence of really new products. Don’t you think?

Apple needs to surprise users, but it is something have to be new

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Lately Apple has been too cautious, forgetting that millions of her fans expect her to try new things. AirPods, of course, is cool and all, but to defy the headphones company, specializing in a more impressive technique, too long, unaffordable. Now in Cupertino develop existing product lines and studiously pretend that this is as it should be, which of course is not true, because users are waiting and waiting quite impatiently.

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In the end, let’s be honest with each other, the iPhone, despite the fact that updated regularly, managed somehow a bit MacBook Pro 16” and Mac Pro it is difficult to call really new, because Apple just fixed the bugs and brought them all that had previously been removed, but iPad today is either too expensive, or too simple in order that they again began to line up the queue.

What Apple needs to release in 2020

Apple should return to the issue of routers for the smart home

To show that Apple is not only able to rest on our laurels, but to act, she needs to release something she was not. What it should be, I don’t know. But I think there would be amiss even upgrading the line HomePod. After all, the actual and only model smart speakers the company released two years ago, but is quite expensive. Competitors during this time has expanded its product range large number of available smart speakers that cost 50-100 dollars. Yes, they don’t sound as cool as HomePod, but they are not required, because their main purpose is the intermediation in the management of your smart home.

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Generally, to provide something from the Smart Home would be quite appropriate. Because right now Apple together with Google and Amazon working on a universal smart home platform. Of course, to climb into the territory of Xiaomi with smart light bulbs for $ 10 apiece Apple clearly should not be. In her spirit to do something global, something the center, if we are to release a budget version of the HomePod she doesn’t want. It could be a smart router. Yes, the range Apple was previously the routers, which she refused. But nothing prevents her to get back to their production, especially considering that to ensure the operation of smart gadgets in the house need a stable and secure connection.

Router from Apple

Perhaps this is the most logical and correct option. Of course, return in sale AirPort is not worth it, because it’s dated. Instead, you need to release router the next generation of high speed with capacity up to 2 TB to actually bring 5G speeds to people’s homes. Relevant developments the company already has, as evidenced by multiple patents that it registers in the patent office, as well as the recent appeal to the authorities to allow the use of Wi-Fi at a frequency of 6 GHz. What is not innovation?

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