Apple used a number of devices MacBook Pro due to problems in the battery

Interface number of devices MacBook Pro problems in the battery will cause an increase in the temperature of the device and pose a threat to safety.

آبل تستدعي عدد من أجهزة ماك بوك برو بسبب مشاكل في البطاريةApple used a number of devices MacBook Pro due to problems in the battery

Apple announced about the recall of a limited number of previous version for the MacBook Pro with 15-inch rise the temperature of the card by making it pose a risk to public safety of the device and the user. The company says that these units were sold in the period between September 2015 and February 2017 and can be identified by the serial number of each of them.

According to the company, this recall does not affect any of the other devices with 15-inch whether it’s a Mac Pro or Mac notebooks.

And Apple to put the safety of the user in mind, which is what made them decide to call the units experiencing problems to replace their batteries.

Users can go to the following link for more details about the hardware if it is eligible and how to replace the battery for free.

To find out affected organs, the user can click on the Apple logo in the top of the list in the top and checking the number of equal if the device carries the retina display and its manufacture in the middle of 2015.

It was not the first time that the Apple calls its devices to avoid the occurrence of any emergency due to a technical glitch.

As to the Saudi Ministry of Commerce had already summoned some of the devices MacBook last year because of a defect in the battery.



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