Apple used MacBook Pro size 15 inch issued the new MacBook Pro 16

Available Apple about the production of the MacBook Pro size 15 inch in the coming period with the launch of its new version, MacBook Pro possible the size of a 16 inch that starts from the price is 2399 dollars.

The company launched the Apple MacBook Pro possible the size of 15 inch wheels for the first time in 2006, today Apple announced the issuance of devices MacBook Pro this size.

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It is planned to stop the chain devices to MacBook Pro and now the size of a 13 inch or 16 inch, as to offer the Apple also devices MacBook Air, and also the timing of the barrage during the financial period for the development of the MacBook Pro size 12 inch.

On the other hand, projections indicate that the MacBook Pro size 15 inch, which has been updated during the month of May, which is available for the period before the company expects the Apple on its production in full.

Recall that the device Apple new MacBook Pro the size of a 16 inch, came to a range of specifications possible, which comes in the head, keyboard, scissor-switch, which was re-designed and replaced by the Apple board butterfly Mechanical that came with a lot of problems, where you want Apple to attract industry users for the next generation of devices MacBook Pro.


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