Apple uses Sonny to revive sales of “iPhone” in 2019.. how?

Apple is trying to provide phones for iPhone coming in 2019 with a camera background three-dimensional manufacturing company, Sony, in the step of American company to revive the sales of its phones, according to the report of the network, “Bloomberg” News.

It is expected to start Sony in the production of sensors, cameras, three-dimensional, starting from late next summer, these sensors and their ability to send pulses of laser is not visible with great precision to operate at a distance of five meters.

Said Satoshi Yoshihara, head of the sensors in Sony: “made cameras a revolution in the phones, I have the same outlook for the cameras three-dimensional, despite the differing pace in different field, but we will certainly embrace the cameras and three-dimensional. I’m sure of it.”

According to reports, the Huawei Chinese you might think the phones next to these sensors, in the shadow of its desire to maintain its current developed in the market of smart phones.

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