Apple violates laws set by the for subscriptions inside the apps in the app +Apple News


The latest abuse of the Apple TV was in the application +Apple News. Specifically, in a way that allows Apple TV users to register. It provides a button ” Try Now ” which takes you directly to the payment screen. You instructions Apple ” make sure that users know that as soon as the end of the free trial period, it will be the start of the payment automatically for the subscription following, and that they can cancel it at any time “.

You don’t have the screen on on the link to the Privacy Policy, there is no link to a page support, and does not provide any information about how to cancel auto-renewal for subscription, that according to the developer IOSdavedelong, which posted a tweet stating the dangers of Apple to the laws imposed by the company itself for other developers. The photo below shows how you want Apple to show the interface subscriptions that are renewed automatically.

Mention app developers and others in a series of tweets on the Twitter network that the text ” Try If Free ” button to subscribe is rejected immediately by Apple to ensure not to mislead the users, in accordance with the laws and guidelines of the Apple. It should be noted that this is not the first time that she caught the Apple, and it goes against their own rules, they are sent in the previous notifications annoying, you try to promote the service of her musical Apple Music when it was launched for the first time, and the same applies to program Carpool Karaoke.

In mid-March, the company Spotify publicly criticizing Apple submitted a complaint to the European Commission due to practices contrary to the competition. Was directed the complaint to the 30% take apple of the value of each subscription is through application based on the payment system, iTunes affiliate of the company, as well as many other practices anti-competitive.

The accusation here is that Apple does not follow the rules imposed on app developers and others, which makes it difficult for them to compete with the services of the company Apple.


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