Apple want to build the hotel consists of 192 rooms at its headquarters in the city of Austin American


Enjoy your Apple many of the all over the United States, but it seems that the company plans to expand some of them, or to be more specific, is planning to expand its headquarters located in northwest Austin. According to a report from the website Culture Map, it appears that Apple requires apparently to the building of the hotel consists of 192 rooms at its headquarters in Austin.

Now before you speak to the idea of staying in a hotel Apple TV, it seems that this hotel is dedicated primarily to provide a place for employees to stay if they will keep to the company’s headquarters in Austin from somewhere else. The hotel, which has no name currently, will length 75500 feet will be the length of the six floors.

Was Apple had initially made plans for 2018, but those plans didn’t include a hotel until recently, was approved for the new plans in the month of April last. It should be noted that hotels are not part of any premises is another key to Apple, so this will be the first. As we have said, is likely to use the hotel to accommodate staff who travel or drive their cars to work or training.

It’s interesting that the company chose to develop a hotel at its headquarters in the city of Austin instead of its headquarters in Cupertino, but who knows, that could change in the future.

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