Apple wants to help in reducing the amount of data consumed by video on the internet

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Video files can be very large, especially if you increase their accuracy. While a higher resolution makes things more obvious, it also means the need to consume more data, which would be staggering if you use the internet data plan mobile Co., Ltd. However, it seems that Apple want to help find a solution for that.

According to a new report released recently from the website of CNet, it seems that Apple has joined recently to try and open media Alliance for Open Media, which works on a new technology called AV1 which help to compress the video clips on the internet before being displayed. This means that the goal of this technique is basically to reduce the size of data or storage space consumed by videos.

While still being the development of this technology, the company Mozilla says that AV1 can help to reduce the size of video files by 25% to 35% compared with other techniques, such as HEVC and VP9. This is not a new alliance, it is in fact a coalition of many technical companies and other major such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and even Facebook were part of this alliance before joining Apple.

However, joining Apple to the ranks of this alliance will undoubtedly be a catalyst to assist in the development of this technology. Didn’t want Apple to post a comment on this step, but according to Matt Frost, head of media strategy and partnerships team, Google Chrome at Google, has stated by saying : ” it’s certainly a very significant development and a sign of how that changed by the time the mark to insist on change. “


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