Apple wants to sell access to their services within a single package

Over the past few years Apple has accumulated so much paid services to find one who doesn’t use at least one, is extremely difficult. Some found it appropriate to pay for access to Apple Music, others needed more storage in iCloud, and the third liked game Apple Arcade. But it is not necessary to choose one when you can make a subscription to multiple services and have constant access to desired content than many success and use. And if so, why not combine them all into one package?

Batch subscribe to all services at once can be advantageous for Apple to attract a new audience

According to the Financial Times, Apple is considering the idea of providing access to multiple services within a single package with a fixed price. Rather, it is guaranteed to include two services: Apple Music and Apple TV+. But the other question is not yet resolved. First, companies need to study this issue more thoroughly, examining what percentage of its users subscribes to all services to assess the feasibility of enterprises. And, secondly, it is necessary to obtain permission from copyright holders to distribute the music from the Apple Music within the package rate.

A batch subscription for all Apple services

The fact that now the record labels are not eager to give Apple the opportunity, says the Financial Times. Part of them believes that the layering of one service to another will shift the attention of users and lead to reduced listening tracks and, as a consequence, a decrease in revenues. So Apple will either do something to convince the holders, or to ensure that they remain as deductions.

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In fact, the idea is to run a batch subscription to some or all the services at once — is quite common. The fact that Apple, five subscription services, except for tariff plans AppleCare+, each of which is estimated at 5-10 dollars. As a result, many users simply can’t afford to subscribe to all platforms immediately, and so Apple needs to encourage and push them to this, to avoid stagnation. The best option is to offer bundled subscription at a discount.

Subscription from Apple at a discount

But what should this discount? Apple went to meet customers, offering unprecedented low prices to Apple TV+ Apple Arcade with the opportunity to get free access when you purchase a new device. So for the company it is very important to find that edge when the subscription will be beneficial for users, and for herself. But I think that in Cupertino will not lose too much if will provide access to one or two services just in the bargain, by charging full fees for three.

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A similar experiment in the past spent Amazon, which I must say, it turned out. The American retailer has decided to combine in one tariff access to videos, music, books, games, and discounts and free shipping placed on your trading platform, asking for it only $ 13 per month or $ 119 a year. As a result, those who first signed up just for the sake of two or three services later began to use other services like Amazon, bringing it the desired increase in the popularity of its services.

Or take Yandex.Plus, Yandex has launched this year. Despite the fact that the approach of the Russian companies is very different from the approach of Amazon, Yandex also offers batch access to multiple services at once. I personally use this service since its launch and have never thought about how to unsubscribe. In the end, it is much easier to pay 169 rubles a month and then have unlimited access to music, many movies and TV shows from IMDb and even free shipping of the online marketplace Take.

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