Apple warns of closing the screen of the MacBook with the lid over the camera

آبل تحذّر من إغلاق شاشة ماك بوك مع غطاء فوق الكاميرا

Warned the Apple users of the edges of its portable MacBook various types of closure of the computer screen with a cover that hides the built-in camera in it, because it may lead to a malfunction in the computer screen as well as indicator lighting.

I explained to Apple that the distance between the MacBook screen and keyboard designed to be very slim, therefore with put the lid on a compact camera it may lead to a malfunction in the screen, and conflict with the lighting calculation leads to a problem in the automatic exposure of the company according to the ambient light the user.

Confirm Apple TV on its users rely on the index operating the camera lighter which is designed to work with any operation of the camera by any other application, it can run the camera without turn signal light, thus you know that the camera is in operation.

If you want the highest levels of privacy, and does not convince you the idea of the index of the camera is illuminated, the camera cover must be thin and extremely thick ordinary paper, i.e., with a thickness of 0.1 mm. If thicker than this, it must be removed before closing the status screen.

Remember that you can always review the apps that gave access to the camera, and the system properties you can disable those links for any application.


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