Apple warns of declining revenues due to MERS-CoV

آيفون 11 – iPhone 11

The impact of the spread of MERS-CoV in the corporate technical world, and having caused cancellation of exhibition Mobile World MWC, spoke today of the Apple they wouldn’t be able to achieve the expected returns from the quarter of the current fiscal due to the virus.

Usually publish companies expect their overall returns in the past quarter the following as part of their results quarterly, and confirmed that the production, supplies and sales of the iPhone have stopped temporarily due to the virus.

The Apple TV has closed all its offices and in China, in addition to the extension of the holiday, Foxconn factories for days after Chinese New Year, all this because of the spread of MERS-CoV will have a negative impact on the quantities produced and sold of the iPhone.

Now normally sources for iPhone to work, but at a pace slower than usual which will affect the production capacity, therefore, shipments, sales and revenue.

Usually Apple opening stores in China gradually, as the stations opened their contracts and offices of the official.

Has not affected the demand for Apple products around the world, and is still within the expectations of the company, but because China represents the most important international markets, the decline in their sales which would inevitably affect the company’s revenue.

The Apple TV has taken a step ahead in the financial results announced by the end of January where I put the free wide revenues fiscal expected in the next quarter, but that margin wasn’t enough it is expected to achieve revenues of less, which is what prompted Apple to publish the official press release is not supported.

Recall that Tim Cook stated that the company will have doubled from their financial contributions to encourage efforts to combat the spread of the virus, the fact that disclosure of the amount of their contributions accurately.

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