Apple was accused of development of blockchain

To argue with the fact that interest in the blockchain after the collapse of the market of cryptocurrency almost came to naught, it is impossible. However, this is true only for ordinary users, whose engagement was limited only to awareness about the current exchange rate of the tokens from the top ten and the desire of easy money. But large corporations – is another matter. For example, Apple, one who recognized the prospect of the technology of the block chain, does not seek to abandon it because of the come to nothing of hype.

According to the U.S. Commission on securities and exchange Commission, Cupertino is indeed working on the implementation of the project of supply of raw materials for branded products, which should make up the blockchain. Mention of this was found in the company’s report to the Ministry on ensuring human rights in the supply chain of minerals. It was discovered the reference to the “Guide on the blockchain”, the development of which Apple is in the interests of the Alliance for responsible business.

The blockchain from Apple

This is not the first mention of Apple’s interest in the development of the blockchain. Previously, the patent and trademark office published a patent, filed on behalf of the company’s engineers, on how to create timestamps. It was mentioned a method of associating pieces of information to the transaction in the blockchain, so that it would create a time stamp that is able to prevent the change of certain data in the block, because of this, all the other circuit elements will be incorrect.

The use of blockchain technology can significantly simplify the Apple supplier collaboration by automating the process of fulfillment of obligations and thereby to facilitate the conduct of business. This is due to the fact that the elements in the block chain are actually immutable, and therefore make adjustments in the smart contract, without violating its integrity, will not work. It is not excluded, however, that in Cupertino will find other uses for this technology, which – quite possibly – may go still the basis for future versions of iOS.

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