Apple was at the center of scandal before WWDC — and all because the mail app

To WWDC is only a few days, and at a time when Apple would seem to become as close as possible to application developers, the Corporation suddenly receives a heavy blow — from several sides. All because of the reluctance to change the rules of the App Store, which Apple already for many years and will charge a Commission of 30% on the profit obtained from the sale of all applications, subscriptions and other in-app purchases. And it can be understood. This time their outrage was expressed by the team Basecamp — they wanted to distribute your e-mail client Hey subscription for $ 99 a year. And, of course, to carry out all payments on the website, because if you implement them in your application, you have to pay a fee to Apple.

As you might expect, the idea failed, and now all the app Hey consists of only one screen to enter the login and password from e-mail Hey. There is no button “sign up” or something like that. At the same time, the app is still not removed from the App Store, although in fact it’s functionality… well, it just is not. Since Apple does not allow external links except in-app purchases in the app, Hey also does not go to your web site where users can register.

Why you need a mail client Hey

The developers of Basecamp are pretty well known in tech is not some aspiring startups. Therefore, they have attracted the maximum attention of the media and the public to this problem. And especially if it is organized at the beginning of WWDC for developers — at a time when Apple wants to show that it is configured as friendly to the developers and helps them to earn good money.

So now looks like the app Hey

In the end, Apple couldn’t leave that unanswered. Had to speak to the Director of marketing for Apple’s Phil Schiller gave an interview to TechCrunch on this issue.

Email app Hey is distributed as an app in the App Store, but when users download this app, it doesn’t work. That’s not what we need in our store, says Schiller.

Users can use the app to access email or perform any useful function as long as they do not go to the web site Basecamp to receive e-mail Hey you can not buy the license to use the application.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s Vice President of marketing

At the same time, Apple has a few exceptions to the rule. For example, Netflix and Spotify have apps in the App Store, where users can’t subscribe, they need to have an existing account that previously issued on the websites of the respective services. Hey I wanted to use this exemption and become an application, “displaying external content” such as music, books and movies. But according to Schiller, this exception does not apply to email clients.

We have not extended this exception to all software, says Schiller. Email is not and never was an exception to this rule.

According to Schiller, Apple made a mistake in approving the application Hey, and it should be removed from the App Store. Apple rejected the app Hey in the Mac App Store, but the iOS app has somehow snuck through the team of moderators of the store.

Director of worldwide marketing believes that Hey can solve the problem of providing free and paid version of the app with basic and advanced email functions. In addition, nothing prevents developers to set different prices of the subscription in the app and on its website.

For example, right now if you subscribe to the YouTube Premium app on iOS, it will be more expensivethan buying it on the website YouTube. Thus, the service compensates for its losses from paying the fee to Apple.

If you subscribe on YouTube, save 50 rubles

The Commission Apple App Store

It seems Apple is trying to solve the problem and is negotiating with Basecamp, but the wheel is already running. There’s even head of the Antimonopoly Committee of the United States voted — Congressman David Cicilline believes that the policy of Apple “pay a 30% Commission or go away” is a serious obstacle for young developers. Don’t be surprised if soon Spotify from somewhere back out into, these guys love any opportunity to blame Apple for too high a fee in the App Store.

In fact if it all happened at a different time of year (at least a month), the situation was quickly forgotten as everyone claims Spotify. Here Basecamp if specially arranged all this mess for a few days before WWDC. Scandal with a major developer just will not benefit the business, and now Apple need to think of a plan how to get out of this situation. In any case, the involvement of Phil Schiller for dispute resolution speaks for itself.

Apple was at the center of scandal right before WWDC 2020

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