Apple was close to a buyout on the admin section on the development of the modem of smart phones in Intel

Apple Company

Over the past few years, Intel manufactured chips season for smartphones where the company provides manufacturers of mobile devices such as Apple TV with season. Recently, there have been some reports that mentioned that Apple requires to develop the information, and they received a helping hand from the company Intel.

According to a new report released recently from the Wall Street Journal of America, citing sources familiar with the matter, it appears that Apple and Intel were already in talks on a possible deal to Apple under its possession to the department in charge of chip development of the season designed for smart phones in Intel. However, before those talks some time and calmed down since then, so it seems that the transaction did not take place in the end.

However, it is interesting to find a recent reports says that Apple is struggling to find suppliers for 5G for future models of the iPhone, which may delay the launch of the phone. This was due to the legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm pushing Apple in the end to look for other suppliers.

However, they have both Apple and Qualcomm recently in reaching a settlement, it was reported that Qualcomm will now provide Apple with the information 5G for iPhone coming in the year 2020. In an interesting turn of events, the company announced the Intel also, it will market a modem and 5G designed for smart phones.


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