Apple was not able to provide everyone the new Apple Watch

The fourth generation of the Apple Watch was much better the third generation. In addition to increased on 35% of the display and is reduced in thickness, the new accelerated processor and the possibility of ECG. It is not surprising that at the stage of acceptance of applications for pre-ordering the Apple Watch was in short supply, and the delivery period is increased to 5-6 weeks. It seems that the demand for watches is still not falling, because Apple has turned to companies Compal Electronics for use in production.

Compal Electronics is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer who has partnered with Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and other large firms. Recall that in 2017 the fault of the Apple she received a lawsuit from Qualcomm for the lack of a royalty for the use of patents. According to DigiTimes, it will start building Apple Watch 4 in November 2018.

At the moment, the Assembly hours of the fourth generation is only concerned with the Chinese company Quanta Computer. The factory where the watch is located in the Chinese city of Changsha. In connection with increased demand for new products, it does not cope with performance of orders Apple, however, has accelerated the pace of production. However, the appeal Apple is the second manufacturer says that she’s not sure the strength of only one collector.

According to the publication DigiTimes, the Apple Watch is 35% of the smartwatch market. The publication also noted that in the second quarter, Apple sold 4.2 million of branded watches. Global supplies are estimated at 18-19. 5 million units.

Sales of the Apple Watch 4 in Russia will start on September 28 at a price of 31 990 rubles. The cost of the third generation is slightly reduced due to the disappearance of the power supply unit supplied.

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