Apple wasn’t better than Google

Apple deserves punishment in the case on protection of competition no less than Google, says Bloomberg columnist Leonid Bershidsky. Both companies in comparable degrees monopolizing the market, preventing new entrants and thereby limiting consumer choice.

Earlier this week, the European Commission has recognized the Google guilty of violating the bases of the competition, catch the company in the branded preinstall apps and services on all smartphones by OS distribution, Android, and appointed for it a fine of $ 4.3 billion.

What is Apple doing wrong?

Fined for the same reason Apple is not possible, says regulator, as the company does not license iOS for third-party vendors, and hence can preinstall on their devices any applications and services that deem necessary.

The app stores for iOS

However, if you follow the logic back right to Apple to do with their OS whatever she pleases, should be limited at least in the field of trading software, sure Bershidsky. Since Apple sells through the App Store not only proprietary software, it should allow iOS users to buy it and on third party sites.

To change the default browser in iOS

In addition, the journalist says, Apple is even more aggressive than Google in the promotion of brand browser . Despite the fact that users have the option to install another app to surf the web, that Safari by default opens links in the transition from most other programs.

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