Apple Watch – a new patent to help in the treatment of neurological diseases!

The Apple logs patent for its Smart explains how to use the new accounts by the hour to control the dyskinesia and tremors accompanying some neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease “Parkinson’s” and allowing physicians to address the situation better.

According to the patent, you’ll enjoy your ex system to track the movement of the wearer of the hand the presence of tremors the Tremors or glitch in the war of the Dyskinesia, and then processing the resulting data within the system accustomed to determine and interpret the turmoil of the war, which would benefit patients and doctors alike.

The system can identify the presence of symptoms of movement disorders and their severity and pattern of the appearance of her giving the doctor a tool to help determine the patient’s response to medicines and modify treatment regimen if necessary, either for the patient will be able to modify the layout of the activities daily depending on the severity of his condition.

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Parkinson’s disease or “Parkinson’s” is the months of nervous disorders of war that will benefit from this new technology. There are about a million people infected with the disease with 60 thousand new cases are diagnosed annually in the United States alone.

The most prominent symptoms of the disease and the presence of movements involuntarily as shivers and difficulty in movement and perform simple tasks such as writing the disease progresses over time, but can control the symptoms totally or partially by using drugs that contain dopamine.

Also recently has Apple patented other to include the expense of lab, planning the electrical of muscles to measure the muscle activity, which may be of no use in recording muscle activity in the hand and forearm when the practice of the particular sport such as golf and baseball.

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