Apple Watch and services may overtake the iPhone as the first for revenue growth

Apple Watch

It’s no secret that the iPhone is the biggest maker of money for Apple at the moment, simply because in the world we live in now, everyone has or need to phone, the alien is one of the most important products that possessed by many people in the world. But according to a new report released recently from the website Business Insider, it seems that in the next few years, it may not be iPhone is accumulated on the throne of the most profitable products for Apple.

Cite this report as Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley, which believes that during the next five years or so, can be for the smart watch Apple Watch and some other services, a subsidiary of apple the overthrow of the phone iPhone as the basis of the revenue Apple. Does this mean that the iPhone will become soon a by-product for Apple, but according to analyst Katy Huberty, it appears that the proceeds of the Apple iPhone will be less than its revenue from Apple Watch and other services.

Based on its estimates, it is reported that about 60 percent of the revenue growth attributed to services along with wearable devices like Apple Watch, and that this ” will kill the growth of the Apple, almost in the next five years “. Just last month, saw another analyst that Apple should to launch the subscription service of software and hardware.

As she got Apple recently on the Texture, a subscription service which gives you access to thousands of magazines, knowing that he is not described this service as the Netflix of magazines by many people. This will help Apple undoubtedly increase their revenues, and in this case if they don’t plan to get rid of them and create something new.


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