Apple Watch can be more useful to the visually impaired in the future

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

The former tell the wearer the time when seen. If you suffer from poor eyesight, it is clear that your options are very few. However, hoping for Apple to change that with future models of the Smart Watch Apple Watch by making it look more advantageous for those who suffer from poor eyesight, at least according to the patent invention have been discovered recently.

According to patent these, they are describing how you can provide the Smart Watch Apple Watch mechanism providing the reaction of the vibrational during the touch for the wearer to help them tell the time.

Given that Apple boasts itself as offering a number of features specially designed for the disabled, the Apple Watch is not an exception. Offer Apple already features a certain for those who are visually impaired to use the former, including the ability to adjust font size, Voice directions, etc. of other features, so the patent this is simply an extension of those features.

Although there is no guarantee necessarily that it is the conversion of those patents to the product or feature actually, but it’s good to know that Apple is thinking about improving features oriented to people with special needs in their products disposable wear.

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