Apple Watch coming up with a bracelet equipped with a camera

May include future versions of the Apple Watch on a bracelet equipped with a built-in, according to a patent published recently by the Office of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, envisions Apple Watch strap by smart camera adjustable or different kind of sensors.

This camera will allow users to capture images in several ways and used to place FaceTime calls, while the screen will show the main content, and put the patent the presence sensor of photocell multiple, suggesting that bracelet smart watch you can buy the front and rear cameras, allowing users to switch between camera like the iPhone.

Filed Apple patent application on December 16, 2016, a week after the official announcement of the second model of its smart. And despite the launch of the Watch Apple TV 3 and Apple Watch 4 without this feature, it is expected that Apple thinking about offering this idea in the Model Law.

Over the years, have appeared rumors about an Apple Watch on the front camera in the frame above the screen, but this never materialized. Maybe the reason why the internal space available inside the device, and a camera in the bracelet, might be the only possible solution to this problem.

However, despite the fact that the Apple on the patent, there is no guarantee that it will be in the smart watch.

Source: patent

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