Apple Watch help a woman in discovering that she was suffering from a disease at the level of the heart

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

We have seen how to enable the Smart Watch Apple Watch in the past of assistance in alerting the wearer to the heart attack imminent. Now, according to a new report from the website of ABC 11 News, it seems that the Smart Watch Apple Watch managed to save the life of a nurse named Beth Stamps by alerted to a potential upside of abnormal heart rate.

He says the report that the actress Beth Stamps was in the home of one of the patients when I felt like it had just completed a marathon, but despite trying to relax, but she couldn’t lower her heart rate. Was her heart rate when you stand still in the 177 beats per minute, this rate is definitely not normal, and was sent to the hospital, where he had no doctors, a series of tests over two days.

Diagnosed in the end as suffering from an irregularity in the heart rate, which is subject to treatment currently. According to Beth Stamps, she said she had suffered from bouts of high heart rate in the past, but it always managed to calm the situation, but this particular case and which arrived an hour its smart Apple Watch helped her in deciding her plea to medical care that may have saved her life.

Is supplied with the Apple Watch features have the ability to save the lives of the users. Apart from the heart rate monitor, we have heard how you have contributed to feature electrocardiogram and the detection of the fall in saving the lives of many users in the past.

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