Apple Watch helped to find the real killer

We’ve heard several stories about how the Apple Watch save lives, but these smart watches turned out to be a big help in solving crimes. Data from the Apple Watch was the main evidence against the perpetrator of the murder in Australia, and helped law enforcement authorities to place him in custody.

According to the publication Venture Beat, peaceful Nilsson was murdered in her home in September 2016. Initially, the daughter-in-law of Mine, Caroline Nilsson, told the police that her mother-in-law “was attacked by a group of people who snuck into the house after the incident on the road.”

All this time peace was wearing the Apple Watch and the data from smart watches have become the key evidence in this case. The Prosecutor told the court that the history of the daughters-in-law was “demonstrably false, and the scene of the attack was fabricated.” Forensic expert reviewed the information and stated that the time frame of the alleged assault did not agree with the time when actually the victim was killed. According to police, the attack was instantaneous, whereas the witness has stated about the conflict, which lasted about 20 minutes.

The data the Apple Watch was able to confirm this, and Caroline Nilsson is now charged with the murder of his mother.

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