Apple Watch.. here’s how you do the Discover feature falling communication emergency

Apple Watch.. here’s how you do the Discover feature falling communication emergency

Launched Apple its smart Apple Watch to debut in 2015; since then she has been working on development, support with many new features, to become now of the hottest smart watches andtracking devices fitness in the market.

Starting from the version of the Apple Watch Series 4, or any newer version; if I discovered the Apple Watch the fall of the powerful while wearing them, you will of the previous tingling sensation to your wrist and the voice alert, as it will appear another notification on the screen, you can choose to contact emergency services, or the exclusion of development by clicking on the Digital Crown, the pressure to “close” the top of the right side, or the pressure on (I’m fine) I’m OK.

If you discover the Apple Watch you move, since you responded to it, and call the emergency services automatically, but in the absence of your experiences during the 60 seconds or so, you will make a call to emergency automatically after the call ends, send the previous message to the contacts of the emergency including your location, and will inform any other contacts you have selected to be contacted in case of emergency.

The following is how to activate the feature discovery falls communications emergency in an hour Apple’s smart TV:

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  • Go to the application of the Apple Watch on the iPhone, then click on the tab (My Watch) My Watch.
  • Scroll down until you reach option (Emergency SOS); Press it.
  • Click on the toggle button adjacent to the option(the discovery of the falls) to become the color green, doing so will alert the emergency contacts and your in case of emergency that you may be exposed to injury and did not respond to the alarm coming from the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch.. إليك كيفية تفعيل ميزة اكتشاف السقوط والاتصال بالطوارئ

Instead; you can activate the feature to discover the falling of the Apple Watch itself, you can do so via the button at the side Digital Crown, then click on Application Settings, then choose the SOS, and then disable the toggle button adjacent to a discovery of the fall, if it is not activated.

It should be noted that if you enter your age when you set up Apple Watch, or in the application of (Health) Health of the Apple TV, and your age more than 65 years old, it will activate this feature automatically.

How to add contacts emergency:

  • Scroll to the application (Health) Health on the iPhone.
  • Click on your profile picture located in the top right corner of the app.
  • You will see a list of options, press the options (Air Medical) Medical ID.
  • You’ll find all the emergency information you provided about yourself, and to add a new contact an emergency press the button (edit) Edit located in the top right corner.
  • Scroll down to the section (emergency contacts), you’ll find the option (add an emergency contact) click on it and Press number, and then add the kinship.
  • Remove an emergency contact from the list, tap on the Red Circle located to the left of any contact, and then press “delete”.
  • Click on the (has been) Done.

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