Apple Watch may help in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

Experience company Apple research about the possibility of using new sensors in the next generation of its smart Apple Watch to provide continuous control of cell movement and tremors, which could help doctors treat Parkinson’s disease or Parkinson’s disease better, according to the Patent and invention issued recently suggest that Apple TV may require to extend the capabilities of the tracking in the its smart to tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease.

This and the Apple TV in the new patent feature a new medical potential in its smart Apple Watch and why it is needed, where it said: there are an estimated 600 thousand to a million cases of Parkinson’s disease in the United States are diagnosed 60 thousand new cases each year, and the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease tremor and the movement, namely the movement of the uncontrollable and non-volitional.

And my patented Apple to dyskinesia and tremors tend to occur when you are managing all the other features of Parkinson’s disease through drugs, the company wrote: patients with Parkinson’s disease is usually treated using a marker of dopamine to help reduce some of the symptoms of the disease.

The Apple “becomes the treatment of dopamine over time less effective and starts to cause more side effects such as dyskinesia, relies the quality of life of the patient to a great extent on how to calibrate doctors accurately scheduling of medicines and reduce their usefulness to assess the symptoms of the patient, this constitutes a challenge for doctors because every patient has a different set of symptoms that can change and become more severe over time, may fluctuate symptoms based on medications and eating and stress and empowerment”.

The system uses motion sensors to monitor movement and analyze resulting data to the device using a rating scale Parkinson’s disease material UPDRS, and Apple TV: this provides the advantages and multiple benefits, including benefits for both the patient and the doctor, such as providing information, track symptoms and distress throughout the day, along with supplied for the tool to clinically assess the patient’s response to treatment.

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In addition to providing this data to help doctors periodically to adjust medication, the system also helps the wearer to plan activities better about patterns of symptoms.

And most patients to report self for their problems and accordingly the doctors, however, Apple clarified that self-reporting is not reliable, and tests can be done only when the patient is in the clinic, and therefore, the company proposes tracking the negative symptoms of dyskinesia and tremors using a computer wearable, which it describes as a PC and limit it to an hour Apple’s smart specifically.

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