Apple Watch requesting assistance after a woman at the age of 80 years fall

Apple Watch Series 4

Proved smart watch Apple Watch it is more than just a smart watch for a few people, they took care of them well. We’ve seen many stories in the past about how that has helped him this smart watch in saving the lives of many people by informing them that they are suffering from atrial fibrillation on a heart level. And now according to assess the new, it seems that the Smart Watch Apple Watch requested assistance after an elderly woman 80-year-old to fall in the city of Munich, Germany.

Containing smart watch Apple Watch Series 4 on a system the discovery of the Falls which displays an alert if you feel a sudden movement indicative of a fall. Is this feature is activated automatically only to users who are over the age of 65 years. In the case if you did not respond to the user by clicking on a special button, the Smart Watch Apple Watch communicates automatically with the emergency services and numbers of users set up in the identity information of their own medical.

According to local media, received one of the senders in the Control Center an emergency call from the coast after to fell women’s 80-year-old in her apartment in the neighborhood of Haidhausen in the city of Munich German, so I told him previous to this individual suffered a fall severe.

As the transfer of the Smart Watch Apple Watch the coordinates of the scene. Reportedly, he has used the police of these data to determine the address of the woman to send an ambulance. Notified the previous smart her son is also of the conversation.

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