Apple Watch Series 5 — first impressions

We are often approached with the question of what the Apple Watch best buy. This is due to the fact that the new generation is more expensive than almost all the smart watches on the market, and the old, though working, but sometimes not as good as I would like. Moreover, it often happens that in a new watch, there are those functions that did not exist previously. I’ll tell you that they are not all necessary, and you should pay attention to some other things. I used one day new Apple Watch Series 5 and is ready to share something.

The Apple Watch be better if to choose for them a good band

To be honest, out of all presented on 10 September, the release of hours I was expecting the least. In fact there is only one really new feature. Okay, one and a half… But not all of them. For starters, let’s briefly go over the main characteristics and features of hours. Then move on to personal opinion and impressions of the device.

The contents

An Overview Of Apple Watch Series 5

Starting with the fourth generation, presented exactly a year ago, the box of the Apple Watch has not changed. Then I compared it to the cake. Box is really opened up in different directions, and thereby showed that the inside is the most delicious.

Box new Apple Watch has not changed since last generation

Prior to that, the straps were always in the box by the clock. Last year it was put separately. In fact, inside the outer box, which resembles a dust jacket for books, lay two boxes. In the main was watch and accessories, and the second strap. To me this solution seems attractive, as the strap can be sold or given, if it is not needed — purchased in the Apple Store it can not be distinguished.

Strap like from the store and it is complete…

Watch inside its box lying in a suede sheath. I assumed that it can be used in cases when the watch is charged by Power Bank in a backpack or just lying in the pocket, but how not dragged him with me, so never found a use for it.

Comfortable, but don’t really need a sheath. But it underlines the attitude of the manufacturer to his product.

Says it all about the packaging survived this time. This is the first bell, which suggests that nothing new will be. New it was last time, and packing is stressed. Although a slight difference is now. Package returned the power adapter. The one on 1A and 5 watts, but it is, especially for hours more and not necessary.

The supplied Apple Watch

The watch itself is also indistinguishable from the last generation. They look absolutely identical, but it’s not bad, because the change in appearance was last year. Watch a little older body, they have greatly increased the screen and it became more pleasing to the eye. Before that we were waiting for the update nearly four years, will wait now. In General, no complaints about this, so as to release an entirely new design every year is wrong and unnecessary.

The rear wall of the Apple Watch S5 the same masterpiece, like a year ago

Always on display on the Apple Watch

The main marketing feature hours function Always on display. Recall a situation when you wanted to check the time, but did not want to turn on the clock. For example, at the meeting when it is inconvenient to show that you’re watching the time. Mechanics allows you to discreetly look at the time. The Apple Watch before that so couldn’t, but now it’s become really a clock in the truest sense of the word. Examples of situations when you do not want to turn on the illumination, you can bring a lot. Let’s discuss your scenario in our Telegram chat.

And here's the iPhone: we already Have iPhone 11 Pro and the first first impressions of him.

We were asked whether it is possible to configure the function so that clock showed ”always on” display only day and night, turned off completely. I have not found such possibility. Function you can only disable the whole thing. But I wouldn’t be upset about it. Even if you sleep in hours, they don’t glow so brightly. Much more will interfere with the periodic inclusion of the main illumination when moving. However, if put the clock and not to use them, the screen won’t light up. Mode ”always on screen” only works when the watch is on the hand.

In the “always on screen” numbers glow very weak, and in darkness the brightness is reduced even more

Illumination in mode ”always on screen” is reduced to a minimum, and the screen refresh rate drops to 1 Hz, i.e. once per second. Ask why not to upgrade even less often? The answer is simple — someone important seconds on the clock. In addition, such a regime is possible during a workout. Fractional seconds are only displayed in the normal mode, and whole seconds will seem in ”always on screen”. To me this feature is very useful in the pool. Not always possible during the voyage to look for a watch to not down the pace. When the information on the screen to make it significantly easier.

Another useful property of ”always on screen” is the ability to quickly raise a hand and see the time. Those who use Apple Watch and other devices that Wake up automatically when lifting the arm — I know that this process has a delay. It is a fraction of a second, but when the time on the screen, the information is obtained much faster. With the Apple Watch Series 5 I almost always have time to glance at the screen and count the time before the clock ”Wake up”.

Function, which I call a half, is full compass. Full he because magnetic. On the one hand, it need only pickers, but can be useful when positioning on the map. Agree, always better to not just see the map, but also to understand in which direction you look. In addition to the compass added the ability to define the height. Now the height above sea level is determined by the combined method. Help soft come the glands.

The compass in the Apple Watch looks like

It is worth noting that in hours 32 GB of memory. Nobody confuses that in hours 32GB, and iPhone for $ 1000 just 64 GB? It is unclear how come, but apparently there are Apple not making money on additional memory, and can supply many. The more people don’t buy watches unless they have a iPhone and a factor cheap memory here is not so relevant. The objection that it is because of the AppStore, which is available with WatchOS 6 are not accepted, since applications take up so much space and 16GB would be enough for everything, including music.

Apple Watch Series 5. Opinion

Last year, when I was preparing the review and the experience of using the fourth series hours, I said that Series 3 should be updated only in case of great need in the new design. The second generation can still be upgraded, but the third is not even worth it to spend the money. I still believe in this, but with the release of Series 5 in my opinion was ”corrected and augmented”.

Modest and tasteful

I believe that buying new is last year’s version will be the height of irrationality. Only if you sleep and see that your screen never goes off, then there is a sense. Otherwise, a minor update of the maximum, and spend it not worth it. Better to wait a year or two and buy a brand new gadget.

But for the third-generation update time gradually. If you wait a couple of years, the third generation will generally cease to please. The second generation you can upgrade now, not to mention the earlier versions. You will be not just impressed, but amazed at how quickly you can work extra hours. About the feeling I experienced last year when upgrading to Series 4, are still satisfied.

Two of the latest generation of the Apple Watch are no different from each other

In General, to the clock from Apple I have little complaints. They are quite sane money, they were all significantly better than the first generations and they look cool. What else do you need? Probably, only new sensors and something else…

Why Russia will not sell the titanium Apple Watch?

To this question I have no good answer, other than vague third-party opinions. I wouldn’t buy the ceramic version and titanium, most likely, too, but I do not understand the fact. If you want, I’m butthurt.

How nice these letters

At the time we sold a iPhonewhich was features not supported by our operators. It would not hurt to sell them. Why not to deliver to our market top version hours in which the module eSIM will be a secondary element? iPhone sold with such a module and no problems there. Why can’t I do that with Apple Watch. Sure, many buyers will not even know that they have an electronic chip. They just want to buy a beautiful and expensive Apple Watch.

Similar questions I have for the dual SIM iPhone. China can, and we do not? Considering the love of our users to iPhone two the SIM cards, would buy these smartphones well. Apparently, Apple has its reasons not to sell such devices. Here working you can try to explain their logic. Top with the Apple Watch this explanation is not.

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