Apple Watch Series 5 will get a ceramic and titanium case

At the fall presentation in addition to the new iPhone models will be presented another important product – Apple Watch Series 5. According to rumors, the new generation of smart hours will receive a minimum of changes. Among the innovations – advanced sensors for tracking performance of sleep, a new faster processor and increased battery life. However, that’s not all. The company will also offer consumers the options of the Apple Watch with a ceramic and titanium case.

Leak from Apple

That Apple may release an unusual version of the Apple Watch Series 5 titanium and ceramics indicate the corresponding image enthusiasts found in the latest beta build 6 watchOS.

The watchOS of 6

According to the source, new material will be used only in premium versions of the Apple Watch Edition. However, if the ceramic has in the past used to create the smart watch, the titanium Apple Watch will be the first of its kind.

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Apple Watch Edition

It is not excluded that Apple decided to repeat the experiment. In 2015, with the release of the original smart watches, the company presented the exclusive version of the Apple Watch made of 18-carat gold and valued at $ 10,000. However, to compete with expensive Swiss watches and the Apple could not. Against Apple played a factor in aging is the first Apple Watch for example, no longer receive software updates.

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As it turned out, the premium version of gold sold well only at the start of sales. According to Bloomberg, in the early days Apple has sold several thousand of luxury smart watches. But after a few weeks the agitation subsided, and the number wishing to purchase a watch such the performance is noticeably diminished. As a result, Apple finally turned the Apple Watch Edition line, returning it only in 2016, and with a modified concept.

The importance of selection of suitable materials for the Apple Watch at the time, spoke and jony Ive:

We worked a lot with gold and ceramics, and now our team is better to know the nature and attributes of these materials. It is possible to achieve the results that we have. The knowledge we received will allow us to better model future products, their shape, if we continue to use these materials.

Unfortunately, the source did not disclose the possible cost of the premium Apple Watch Series 5. But there is reason to believe that their value will not exceed 1500-2000 us dollars, it is obvious that Apple will not repeat my own mistakes.

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