Apple Watch to save a life of a father after his warning down his heart rate

Indicated a father named Paul Hutton, aged 48 years, that the Apple Watch discovered the existence of a critical condition in his heart he didn’t know her before that, which prompted him to undergo surgery.

Journalist Paul specialized in the field of technology, has decided to buy the previous experience of the gadget new.

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But when has been previous warning of a low heart rate in rest time to 40 beats per minute, he went to consult a doctor. Man a healthy adult heart beats at a rate of 60 to 100 beats per minute.

And someone Doctors his condition as suffering from a condition known as Pulse Twin ventricular, and accompany each beat of the heart pulse of the other weaker, it is able to monitor heart rate monitored.

The arrhythmia not being able to pump blood effectively, making the patient more susceptible to the risk of stroke.

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Said Paul: “because I write about technology I felt that I should use the latest technology”.

He added: “You know that the clock it has a heart rate monitor, and after the software update, and one day I was watching TV on the couch, demonstrating the former to my pulse dropped below 40 beats per minute, and should be as well.”

He continued: “I didn’t notice it myself for a while, but one day I felt dizzy so I went to the doctors, I knew that my heart works efficiently by 20%”, the

And ultimately underwent Paul process known as ablation of the heart to treat heart rhythm disorders.

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