Apple Watch will get a tracker with people in 2020

ساعة آبل ستحمل متعقب ذاتي للنوم في 2020

Undoubtedly, the Apple devices very distinctive in matters relating to health and applications of conservation of energy which keeps the company is also marketing the former to talk about. But in spite of the presence sensor of the pulse and track fitness and other, the company didn’t build the system to sleep by herself.

Usually users find third-party apps available in Apple Watch to help them track sleep, but at the same time do not represent the efficiency is very large in area and on the consumption of a large proportion of the battery during its operation.

The plan of the current Apple TV, it provide a tracker for within the previous system by 2020, but by trying to provide a bigger battery or find a way to run the tracker sleep without having to consume great energy, according to Bloomberg.

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