Apple Watch will get built-in update mechanism watchOS 6

Perhaps the main drawback of the Apple Watch, which made them insufficiently attractive device to buy, was their lack of independence. Deep ligament with the iPhone, without which the smart-watch could not literally nothing, in many respects became the reason of formation of their image as just a support accessory. This situation is not very happy with Apple and the company decided to make the Apple Watch more independent, first, to equip them with LTE support, then giving them their own App Store, and now providing a built-in update mechanism.

The update mechanism of the Apple Watch that allows you to download updates over the air, it was discovered in the second beta watchOS 6. Despite the fact that at the moment it still requires the confirmation of the update on the iPhone, it is expected that in the future it will be optional and users will be able to download updates directly from the clock itself.

How to update Apple Watch

However, now the iPhone is used more as a bridge, providing hours Network connectivity, and user – visible conditions update that on the big screen is much easier to perceive than small ones. But, anyway, the new mechanism greatly simplifies the upgrade process, allowing the Apple Watch to climb another step on the ladder of independence, for which they recently soared very high.

Likely to be updated quite independently without the iPhone, only the Apple Watch with built-in LTE module, while owners of models without direct access to the Network will have to use the connection bound smartphone. Otherwise, the hours of banal will be nowhere to take the upgrade image that is stored on Apple servers. But how will actually learn only with the final version of watchOS 6 in September this year.

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