Apple Watch will learn to warn of the dangers of sunburn

Apple plans to teach Apple Watch future generations to warn users about the danger of burns from prolonged stay under the sun. It follows from the content of the new patent filed by the company in the patent and trademark office.

According to the descriptive part of the patent, the analyzer’s UV rays will be attached to the internal panel clock. Its hardware will be based on a dedicated processor, battery and infrared spectrometer, which measures the intensity of radiation and the damage it does to the body.

Apple Watch and the LF-analyzer

In the reasoning of the inventions, where engineers explain the need for the development of the analyzer of ultraviolet rays, imperfection of protective creams, many of which do not provide the desired effect, and the risk of skin cancer caused by long finding under the sun.

To measure pressure with the help of Apple Watch

This is not the first attempt by Apple to turn the Apple Watch into the ultimate diagnostic device. At various times it was reported that the company plans to equip branded smart watch is a non-invasive meter, built-in tonometer, as well as analyzer of the level of hydration in the body and of oxygen in the blood.

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