Apple Watch will receive the support of a third party dials

Apple plans to allow third-party developers to create custom Apple Watch. The indication was found in the code watchOS 4.3.1 developed by Guilherme Rambo. At present this opportunity the right of a monopoly owned by Apple Inc and a number of partner companies.

An important role in understanding of future plans Apple plays a component framework NanoTimeKit responsible for the creation of dials. He, according to Rambo, is a reference to the Xcode development environment for Mac. This means that in Cupertino are considering the possibility of lifting restrictions on the development of dials everyone.

Despite the fact that the access framework NaniTimeKit still not open to developers, Guilherme Rambo hopes that things will change in 5 watchOS. New version of the OS could mark a turning point in the development of the Apple Watch, since its release Apple’s will end support for applications built on the SDK watchOS 1.

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