Apple: We welcome competition in the App Store

For that year, the App store has been criticized by developers and publishers. According to them, Apple intentionally discreditied design competition to promote its own services. The Corporation is not the first time accused of monopoly that Apple has published an open letter in which has in detail told, how exactly does the App Store.

As claimed by Apple, the app store App Store was created to:

  • To provide users with a reliable place to search and download new apps;
  • To give developers and publishers the opportunity to earn on sales.

To achieve the first objective, the company “takes responsibility” for “so that applications meet the highest standards of privacy and security” in accordance with established rules.

How does App Store

The strictly established system, Apple is able to test up to 100,000 applications per week. The test is performed in manual in automatic mode. On average, moderation are about 60% of applications. Other applications sent for revision, with an indication of errors found, or violations of the rules App Store.

Every developer or publisher has the right to appeal the decision of Apple. The company actively goes to meet — in just a week the specialists of the company make thousands of calls.

App Store is not a monopoly

Speaking about the second goal, Apple said that the company is open “welcomes competition.” According to the Corporation, if it were not so, in the app store it would be impossible to find equivalents for their own services.

We are convinced that competition is the key to development. Because of this, our customers have the opportunity to use the best products.

First and foremost, we care about quality, not quantity. That is why the App Store makes more money for developers compared to the same stores. Our users trust Apple and that trust is crucial in how we operate a fair and competitive marketplace to distribute apps.

As an example, a Corporation enumerates the list of applications that are somehow competing with the built-in programs. Among them you can find Spotify, Dropbox, Google Drive, Messenger, Viber, Gmail, Evernote, YouTube and many others.

His statement was reinforced by the fact that all the developers provided simple and reliable tools to build applications and promote them. Moreover, the Corporation is ready to help the beginners in creating new applications. Under this initiative training courses available in the Apple Developer Academy. In addition, the company provides budding developers with free training materials.

According to statements of Apple, about 84% of all apps in the App Store for free. However, most of them offer in-app purchases, have advertising or subscription. Developers get 70% of sales, Apple’s Commission is 30%. From the second year, the fee is reduced to 15% if we are talking about subscription models.

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