Apple will allow developers to control the prices of subscription to evolution of their relationships and discounts multiple

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According to TechCrunch , Apple will enable developers and makers of iOS apps and Mac have more control over the subscription prices in their own application after the expiry of the trial period or the period of the promotional discount also increase the number of times where the author of an app from the offers and the discount to the user on a subscription.

Where the system does not allow the current freedom of the application developer to price it as soon as you register the user enter to the application or service to take advantage of them and finished the discount period, you must pay a fixed amount per month and can take advantage of the discount for the other.

But in the new policy, which will launch its Apple TV will be a developer in front of the multiple options to offer discounts on subscriptions, both to the participants of the old or even new, and available price reduction for a temporary period within the holiday periods experiencing high demand on this side as well as Anniversary such as a game or a particular service or even any show fits the user, being ” folded” they will be able to take advantage of the 10 offers a different price to subscribe to fact.

In will not be offered a promotional price discounted on the App Store due to the differences in price that will get participants appropriate width for each of them within the specified time period, the move comes after the company’s announcement about its work on integrating the use of the application of the law uniform to all operating systems have in the way of facilities on the user.

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