Apple will allow developers to soon offer discounts on subscriptions former participants

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It’s no secret that Apple want that more developers to adopt the system of subscription in their app and their service. This system ensures a continuous flow of revenue and profits whether developers or Apple that you get part of the value of Subscriptions. To encourage developers to adopt the system of subscription in their app and their service, Apple announced some changes that will make to developers more flexibility.

In a publication on the website of the Apple Store Connect, Apple announced that it will be available to developers soon offer discounts on subscriptions to former participants, which means they will make the process of renewing subscriptions more attractive to customers. Of course, there remains the option of applying these discounts in the hands of developers, but at least there will be a fan.

According to Apple, it has stated by saying : ” you will be able to apps with subscriptions are renewed automatically close to provide a low price for a limited period to existing customers or subscribers. Developers can use the cuts on the level and value of contributions to help in recovery participants who cancel extract or upgrade to the line joining the other at a special price. Customers can accept the offer even if they have completed an offer already submitted “.

It is rumored that Apple is preparing to launch the package new subscription that includes access to songs, movies, TV shows and news magazines for the price of a fixed monthly. It is estimated that the event to be held by the company, probably in the month of March will be officially announced this plan, so we are not surprised by the changes that are now developers.


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