Apple will be event on 31 March, we may see the iPhone 9, iPads the iPad Pro

Tim Cook - Jony Ive - iPhone XR

We’ve heard a lot about the phone iPhone SE2 also known as iPhone 9 in the past months, and I expect to see Apple pull back the curtain officially announced this phone in mid-March. According to the latest information which we have come, it has been postponed this event for to the 31 March with the knowledge that the process of selling the iPhone 9 new will not begin until the first week of April Pro.

In related news, claims a new report from the website DigiTimes that the next-generation tablet, the iPad Pro is already entered into production so that it is expected to be launched in the month of April. Is likely to be announced this tablet alongside the iPhone 9 new, but difficulties at the level of production due to the outbreak of MERS-CoV may delay cargo operations. You might say Apple launch new tablets in limited quantities or delay all perfectly.

According to rumors, the biggest change in the tablet, the iPad Pro to the new Apple TV is that they’ll get three cameras at the back which will include camera Time Of Flight. In addition to the iPhone 9, iPads the iPad Pro new, it is also expected to reveal an Apple MacBook Pro new size 13 inch.


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