Apple will be launching her credit card own later this year, according to a new report

Apple Company

May require Apple to what is beyond the payment system via mobile devices. In fact, we have released today a new report says that Apple will in cooperation with Goldman Sachs to launch a credit card which will be available to the public later this year.

The report from the Wall Street Journal of America says the credit card this will become available to the public after being tested by staff at Apple. The credit card this enabled Apple to get a larger portion of the proceeds from the operations of the Defense Initiative, even though progress in the launch of the payment service Apple Pay in more countries around the world.

Obviously, this credit card will be compatible with the Apple Wallet to provide additional functionality for your card debt and withdrawing funds management bonuses. The report states that it may be to borrow the UI from the application of Apple Health so that it will the other episodes follow the daily expenditure of users to view notifications that alert them if exceeded monthly goals. May include privileges 2 percent of the amount of cash refunds on most purchases, with the percentage of potential spend on Apple products.

It will be supported by e-bank Marcus of Goldman Sacks which will get a lot of customers through the connection with Apple. It is estimated that the company Goldman Sacks the implementation of the $ 200 million in the infrastructure of the cards to create an internal system to address payment centers customer support.


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