Apple will combine their services into one and will sell them at a discount in 2020

What distinguishes Apple from its competitors? First and foremost, of course, the sagacity of its leadership. If it does not, the Cupertino-based company would continue to produce electronics. However, the top management of Apple sitting intelligent people who understand that the infinite to go on the technique impossible, and in order not to lose their positions, you need to start to learn one more services. So for the past 5 years, the number of proprietary Apple services has grown to 10, half of which are distributed by subscription. But how do they now sell? Only all together.

Apple services will soon unite and become cheaper, but only together

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According to Bloomberg, Apple will introduce a single subscription to its services already in 2020. It is unknown if it will include in the package all of the services, however, according to the sources, in Cupertino are planning to sell a single subscription to Apple Music, Apple TV+ Apple News+, that is, three of the four contentcentric platform. But if iCloud in this list to enable optional, multiples of given smaller audience, then the lack of it Apple Arcade seriously surprising. Especially due to the fact that the Playground, unlike the news that is available almost all over the world.

Discount on the package subscription

Of course, the price that Apple will charge for a bundled subscription, would be less than if you pay for each service separately. However, while information on the size of the discount has not been received. It is possible that in Cupertino are still working on this issue and will make a decision after you decide which services will be combined. It is possible for different countries services as part of a single subscription will be different, because, for example, Apple News+ works only on the territory of three countries in the world, and the Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ fully banned in China. So, for them, the package must vary.

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It would seem that Apple would run the batch subscription as soon as the number of its subscription services grew to two, however, the company decided not to do it. The reason for this is likely to be a need to revise the pricing policy for each service individually, it might not be easy. The fact that now Apple pays royalties to authors and labels at a fixed size, and if it will have to reduce the subscription price, or it will itself receive less money, or will begin to pay less to the owners. Of course, neither option pure are not satisfied with any of the parties, and that means Apple and its partners will have to find a compromise.

How to make Apple Music and Apple TV+ with a discount

Few people know, but Apple already has a bundled subscription, which so far can only be used by students. Last month the company launched a special program that allows students full-time students to pay only a subscription on the Apple Music and it is completely free to obtain in the appendage access Apple TV+. Probably, thus in Cupertino are testing a bundled subscription model, studying its advantages and disadvantages.

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Obviously, batch subscription really need Apple. It will be able to provide the company with further growth of the audience of its services. After all, the more services you have to pay for the users now, the fewer passes they can make in the future. However, if Apple will offer them the opportunity, for example, to pay at a time for four services, and get access to five, for many it will be a major reason to subscribe to something else.

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