Apple will continue to iPhone pirated to researchers Security to enhance the security architecture for iOS

iPhone XS

The report revealed a few months ago about the existence of a thriving black market for developers of iPhone can be used to search for gaps iOS is detected. While the cost of every security hole thousands of dollars, the investment might be worth it to hackers who are looking to sell vulnerabilities that they discover in the iPhone for the highest price.

Use the Apple Patch new security vulnerabilities, but the company you want to speed up this process more. To do this, will Apple provide security researchers with the iPhone similar to those sold in the black market. It is supposed to make these devices subject to the geek easy for developers to discover security vulnerabilities in the iOS system to inform Apple about it before the Pirates get a chance to misuse.

The pirate trusted and who they think part of the Apple Bounty Program are the only two who will be eligible to get these devices under file. This means that Apple will be able to control who can access to these devices and avoid leakage to the black market. According to Forbes, it appears that these devices would have the same strength of Apple’s hardware is the same, but it will be a model of light without access to the underlying operating system coded for the iPhone.

It is unclear what model iPhone exactly what will Apple these researchers trusted. In addition, you want Apple to open a rewards program another system MacOS will also provide financial incentives to researchers who discover security flaws in computers Mac. It is not clear when will be the announcement of a rewards program that. May reveal Apple for more details later in the day when being the head of security engineering at Apple, Mr. Ivan Krstić interview under the title Behind The Scenes of the iOS & Mac Security.

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