Apple will cut iPhone production

Analysts at Rosenblatt suggest that Apple cut production orders for iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR in the first quarter of next year. All because of a good sales performance in China. Many buyers were not ready for such high prices and opted for a more affordable alternative from other manufacturers.

According to the source, the American Corporation plans to cut production of the iPhone XR to 2.5 million units, the iPhone XS 1 million, and iPhone XS Max to 500 thousand units. Alas, but Apple could not predict demand for new items, and is now forced to make this decision. Aside from the obvious inflated prices, against Apple plays a factor in competition. For example, many local companies offer employees a much better condition when buying a smartphone from Huawei. When you buy iPhone no special bonuses, of course, is not provided, what many make a choice in favor of the Chinese manufacturer.

Recall that in late November, the Wall Street Journal first reported on the reduction of production orders. Already then it became clear that sales of the new products are not as it was originally intended. According to analysts the second major decrease in the quantity of orders for the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max XR and iPhone also will not keep you waiting. According to the latest projections, this will occur in March 2019.

Sales of its flagship iPhone in Russia started on September 26. The most affordable version of the iPhone XS iPhone XS is available for Max and 96990 87990 rubles, respectively. At the end of October to buy has also become available XR and iPhone, available for 64990 rubles for the version available.

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