Apple will cut the prices of iPhone in some states

Decreased revenue iPhone for Apple by 15% over the past year compared to the year 2017, and now says Tim Cook the CEO of the company that the company reconsider their prices.

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In an interview with Rutter Awl, Tim Cook said that the participation of the Chinese market and other economic and decline of some currencies led to a significant increase in the prices of the iPhone in a number of regions around the world, so that decreases the value of a country’s currency against the dollar leading to increased prices for iPhone in local currency.

And pointed Tim Cook that the company has assessed the case economics of the kidneys in some markets and decided to return to compete with domestic prices in the hope to help increase sales.

Tim Cook added that the strength of the US dollar made the company’s products are the most expensive around the world, using Turkey as an example. He said that the value of the Turkish lira has dropped by 33% through 2018 and thus decreased the company’s revenue of about $ 700 million compared to the previous year.

Source: Reuters

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