Apple will focus on improving the performance of iOS 12 rather than new features

Until now, iOS system 11 didn’t end up fully developed, except that Apple is already working on the next version of the software for iPhone and iPad. According to a Bloomberg report the وAxios, the iOS update next will focus on the stability of the system and terminate its problems and improve performance, so instead of launching a wide range of new features. This comes as Craig were the Vice President of the Apple TV programming and engineering, who announced the new plan of the company in early January and included the re-design of the main screen and update the apps such as mail and improve the processing of the captured images, and besides there would be several advantages related to the fact of the enhanced images, as Bloomberg says that the combination of Mac applications and iOS will this year also. This and if what kept Apple on their usual approach, the iOS version of the coming iOS 12 will be presented for the first time at the WWDC conference 2018 through sometime in June. Source: Axios, Bloomberg

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