Apple will give its money to the United States and paid tax of $ 38 million



The Department conducted U.S. recent changes to the tax regime for companies to reduce the tax rates imposed on companies that retain their funds out of the country if brought her back inside.

Said Apple they would pay a tax estimated at $ 38 million after that set their funds located in countries outside the United States like Ireland, which impose tax rates are extremely low.,

It is expected to have the Apple TV $ 250 million of cash stored outside of America would be the country to employ them there after that I got good cuts in taxes.

She had the company announced it would build a new headquarters for the special technical support team will continue for 20 thousand employees over the next five years, without revealing more details about its location, size, or date of release.

And Apple invest about $ 30 million in the United States will go mostly to create new data centres Add to its current seven States to meet the growing demand for cloud services and applications

Tim Cook said the company’s CEO, that Apple focused its investment in areas that directly impact in creating new posts, expressing the company’s responsibility towards the country for having helped her to achieve success.


The Apple TV will be its money of the United States and paid tax of $ 38 million appeared first on the tech world.

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