Apple will install OLED screens in the MacBook is not for you, but for Samsung

The Apple sphere of influence extends far beyond the consumer electronics market. It depends on weight, at first glance, independent businesses that are kept afloat largely through the supply of components for the company from Cupertino. But due to huge orders from Apple contractors are forced to abandon cooperation with other brands, though it seems extremely beneficial in the long run can play against them.

According to the business of the South Korean edition ETNews, Samsung was forced to halve production of OLED-panels that she bought Apple for their smartphones. This has led to significant financial losses suffered by Samsung, which has invested several billion dollars in production lines for production of display matrices for the iPhone. They even got the name of “Apple-only” because he provided the needs just Apple.

AMOLED displays for iPhone

Losses Samsung incurred due to the decrease in orders from Apple, amounted to about two billion dollars annually. Of course, such an outcome is not expected either in Cupertinoor Seoul, hoping for a monthly supply of OLED panels in the amount of 105 thousand units. However, the slowdown of iPhone sales has led to the fact that Apple began to abandon the purchase of the produced matrices, forcing Samsung also provide their storage.

MacBook with AMOLED-display

Apple for its part understands that seriously framed Samsung, and therefore seeks to resolve the situation. According ETNews, one of the solutions to the problems with the idle production capacity was the proposal for early release of OLED panels for iPad and MacBook. It appears that the planned transfer of proprietary tablets and laptops Apple organic display is not an upgrade, and the banal desire of the company to compensate for the loss of his partner.

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