Apple will introduce SiriOS in 2020?

Apple can show a completely new operating system in 2020. This assumption was expressed by analysts of Mangrove Capital Partners. The new OS will be called SiriOS and will be widely used in the devices of the Internet of things. According to experts, the company will take this step, to emphasize the new advanced features of a voice assistant, as well as in order to attract developers of third-party applications to be tightly integrated into the ecosystem.

Insiders suggest that SiriOS will be a response HongMeng OS from Huawei. Chinese giant intends to use its OS in a variety of areas including Autonomous transportation, solutions for industrial automation. Also HongMeng OS can find its application in various home devices and smart sensors.

According to the analysts, the first device with SiriOS on Board can be a HomePod next generation. The company intends to seriously improve artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning and thus, to bring its voice assistant in unconditional leaders.

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It is noted that the new OS will be presented at WWDC developer conference in 2020. How true these predictions, it is difficult to say up to this point, neither an authoritative source was not informed about the beginning of the development of SiriOS.

We will remind that in April of 2018, work on the voice assistant Apple was headed by John Giannandrea. The company hired the specialist to improve the algorithms for Siri. It is likely that SiriOS — the first really serious project of this employee.

If the submitted information is accurate, we can confidently say that the vector of development set right — now voice assistant Apple does not hold water, and certainly can’t compete with Google and Amazon.

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