Apple will keep the Theatre of Steve jobs the exclusive

Apple wants to ensure that the Theatre’s Steve jobs, is located on the campus of Apple Park remained the only such structure. This is indicated by a new patent, which the company described the project of the Theatre with all its transitions and elements of the exterior.

This is one of the few Apple’s patents, so patent-pending detailing product. In addition to the design of the Theater and used its construction materials, in the descriptive part of the document contains a detailed plan of the Elevator system, stairways, auditoriums and even technical areas.

Theatre Of Steve Jobs

In Cupertino wanted so badly to another Theatre of Steve jobs has not appeared anywhere else that has even patented the principle of planting trees, prescribed their height, and also the features of the landscape topography. In short, did everything, only the monument to the founder of Apple was not able to reproduce a competitors.

According to preliminary calculations, the construction of the Theatre of Steve jobs in the form in which it is presented now, has cost Apple a minimum of 180 million U.S. dollars. In Cupertino are paid to the Theatre especially close attention, because that is where it was planned to conduct presentations of future innovations.

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