Apple will launch the devices MacBook support 5G in the next year

Apple is working on the development of the MacBook laptops with technical support 5G launch in early next year to 2020, according to a new report by DigiTimes today.

Also according to the report, will launch the company Lenovo and Dell and HP laptops with the support of networks of the fifth generation later this year, is scheduled to be followed by Apple of its next year.

Apple has completed the designs for new computers to support 5G, where the report indicates that the hardware will allow higher efficiency and speed in the transport and reception compared to the competition, where they will use the antennas ceramic, and that cost 6 times the antennas are normal, but they provide poor efficiency of transport and reception, this may be the cause of the high price of the hardware.

This is the first time we hear something about the plans of Apple for a MacBook with the support of networks of the fifth generation, while the company was planning to in the past to launch devices with support for third generation networks, and got a patent to enable them to add the LTE to computers, but she declined.

Source: DigiTimes

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