Apple will launch two versions of the iPhone 11 with 5G and LTE and its screen OLED

آبل ستطلق نسختين من آيفون 11 بتقنية 5G وأخرى بتقنية LTE وجميعها بشاشات OLED

The many American companies to declare its readiness to work on the scope of the networks of the fifth generation and launched its services effectively in many of the states of America.

At the time of the supposed the arrival of the Galaxy S10 5G into the hands of consumers in the country during the next week.

Pointed out a new report to the intention of Apple to launch three version of the iPhone during its next all screen OLED,

But they are different sizes, with the consolidation of two copies of the report of 5G and the other with LTE connectivity.

According to the source and previous reports that occur on the copy phones and the iPhone rule 2019, the My version is 5.4 inches and 6.7-inch ones, which would the technique of the fifth generation.

Let this be news mg totally don’t mind trading him earlier about the arrival of the first iPhone supports the fifth-generation networks

2020, but at the same time closer to reality track competition and cannot imagine leaving the company, former United States

Open to competitors such as Samsung to become the reality in the market of fifth-generation phones for a full year even though it was technical in the beginning after.

As for the second point, they are led by the 6.1 inch size of average between five the fifth generation to be her horse

Winners in other global markets, which did not reach to the fifth generation after.

And you earlier had pointed out leaks about cameras and three women where the women are coming two similar two

For Xs Max XS three cameras, the background contains many improvements with the provision of a copy of Xr 2019 in the back with a double will be all processor, A13.

It can read the sudden change in the forecast to provide the Apple version for iPhone 5G that came following the settlement between her and the giant Semiconductor Qualcomm.

Where will be the support for the Apple TV with the information in the fifth generation the latest and the highest efficiency in the market.

So it looks like this news is the closest thing not really going to happen.

With reference to the source held expectations that Apple will support all versions of the iPhone with the information fifth-generation the beginning of the year

Next 2021 with diversification of the possibility of supporting its phones with its own 5G during the period between 2022 to 2023.

Where they made several steps during the past in order to rely on itself in the production of these

The information was most recently the polarization of the director of the Department tefenni contact fifth generation of Intel before the process settled with Qualcomm.

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