Apple will limit the hiring of new employees due to low sales of the iPhone

Apple decided to reduce the recruitment of new employees. This is with reference to informed sources reported by Bloomberg columnist mark Gurman. Cause controlled expansion of the state was the decline in revenuesthat the company experienced in the first quarter of 2019 financial year. On one of versions, the initiator of introduction of this measure was himself Tim cook, who decided that in this way the company can keep its effectiveness at pre-crisis level.

The decision on introduction of restrictions on the expansion of the state was rather unexpected, told the Foodie familiar with the situation. After all, at the staff meeting, which Tim cook called to discuss plans for Apple’s withdrawal from prolonged fall in revenue, he stated that he sees no solution to the problem in reducing the number of new employees. At the same time, it is necessary to give the Director credit, he did not say that will not resort to this measure, but merely questioned its effectiveness.

Artificial intelligence is out of danger

Currently, Cupertino only working on the issue of limiting recruitment of new employees, deciding what division of the company is least affected by this decision. But one thing is for sure, the interlocutors confirmed Foodie, Apple will continue to build up the state Department for the development of artificial intelligence. This is probably the only unit that is guaranteed to continue to receive new minds.

Over the last ten years the number of Apple have increased very rapidly. Each year, the company hired by 8-10 million people that has led to a more than fourfold increase in staff. To date, Apple employs more than 132,000 people, whereas in 2008 this number was barely over 30 000. A large part of current employees belong to the service personnel, working in retail stores, the company providing technical support to users and carrying out repair of defective equipment.

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