Apple will no longer allow you to ignore updates to macOS

Operating system updates Apple has always been difficult to ignore for several reasons. First, the rejection of their installation could result in a risk of losing your own data, which no sane person obviously does not want to. Secondly, very often the application developers deliberately dropping support for older versions of the OS, and then users to maintain access to familiar software, had to install the update. Well, and thirdly, the red sticker on the Settings app that appeared, if you did not updated, could drive crazy anyone, and only the toughest could resist it. But now Apple has come up with another reason to upgrade.

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Apple has complicated ignoring the updates for the Mac, regardless of their type. The developers of the company was removed from the operating system the ability to hide the notification about the availability of fresh update. It happened in the beginning of the week with the release of macOS 10.15.5 Catalina. However, as the audit showed, the corresponding feature appeared in earlier versions of OS: macOS, macOS and Mojave High Sierra. There he brought security update for 2020-003 that Apple released the same time as main release.

How to hide updates on Mac

Now the Terminal refuses to take command, hide update notifications

Perhaps many do not realize what kind of hiding notifications General question, because the interface of the operating system there are no buttons to “Hide”, “Ignore” or “Install later”. The fact is that to hide Intrusive alerts about the availability of the latest update was only possible using the Terminal and special command, which looks like the following: softwareupdate -ignore “macOS Catalina”. For earlier OS versions need to enter the name of the Assembly, on the basis of which your computer runs Mac. But now this option disappeared.

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When you try to enter in the Terminal command, and to block the notification about the updates, the user receives a system alert similar to the following: “it is Not recommended to ignore software updates. The ignored update will be removed in the next version of macOS”. That is, apparently, the lock function is not yet completely disabled, and so there must be a way to activate it. However, while none of the enthusiast have not found how this can be done.

Should I upgrade the Mac

Despite the fact that Apple decided to disable the feature to ignore the update notification, this will only happen after installing the update. So, if you want to continue to have the ability to block alerts of this kind, just don’t install any new version of macOS or security updates. However, this is quite a compromise, because in this way you actually voluntarily deprive themselves of policy support, which is highly undesirable, given the fact of the matter is manifested bugs and vulnerabilities in the OS.

I myself do not update your Mac, but you suggest to make such decisions

I personally do not update your MacBook Air at all, although regularly receive notifications about the availability of fresh updates. The fact is that for me it is a working tool to replace that so soon I will be nothing. Therefore, any bug that violate the operability of the operating system or the device on which it operates, risks to derail all my productivity. Yes, I know that newer versions of macOS have a new and cool features, but for me stable operation of the computer is more important.

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In this case, the update iOS I never disregard and set them at the same time as they go out. This is because all updates without exception, is primarily focused on our safety, though the Apple and conceals it. If you notice, the company never specifies in the description of the updates for the vulnerabilities that it fixed. And all because sometimes they are too dangerous to them at all cost to inform users and get them upset by the fact of presence of such gaps.

Ignore the updates macOS? Not anymore

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